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„We always have the possibility to decide that situations, topics, problems etc. also have a positive aspect“

I realised this years ago and since then this is influencing my life and also my work of course: Whether you need assistance in a current challenging situation, or you need someone to help sorting your mental chatter, or you need someone who accompanies you when finally starting a long-time suspended activity – wherever circumstances, habits, live needs a change or you are changed I am accompanying you with my positive attitude, a professional well-grounded qualification and a big amount of personal life experience. For more information about the core areas of my counselling, please click here.

My name is Britta Zernetsch, I am a qualified Systemic Coach, a psycholgical counsellor („Psychologischer Berater“) and have completed a qualification training as „Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie“ (can be translated as alternative psychotherapist) with a final examination at the public health department in Wuerzburg. For further details about me and the way I work, please click here.

My premises are situated in Hoesbach near Aschaffenburg and in Rothenbuch which is a small village on your way from Aschaffenburg to Lohr in the middle of the Spessart forest (please click here to find out how to get in contact with me).

Latest news: I am now also offering so called Go-aching (a mixture of going and coaching). This means that we hold a coaching while we are walking in the nature. Therefore we can also do a coaching also in Covid-19-times. For more information on GOaching please click here.

How does it come that I named my business „Immer heiter weiter“ (which means something like „always think pink“ or „always continue in a happy way“)?!

I have to commit that in the past it was my speciality to see a problem behind each opportunity. Thoughts like „this won’t work out anyway“ or „yes, that’s good but again someone else will succeed, not me“ were very common to me. During this time I met a person whose slogan was:

Immer heiter weiter!

And there is so much truth in these little three words: „It“ always goes on, the world usually doesn’t stop to turn around just because we are facing a problem. Usually you do wake up the next morning. Of course the problem still exists, however, live continued. Continuing in a happy way is a bit too much to ask you for at this moment and of course you are right when you say that problems don’t disappear overnight (… ok, sometimes they do but this is nothing I would trust in …). But does it help if you are griening, are pitying yourself or if you are blaming someone else for your situation. All these are absolutely normal reactions – but do they help you? Do they help you on solving your situation? Do they bring you one step forward? And here comes the third word of the beforementioned sentence: „Heiter“. This usually means „happy“, but I use this word in the sense of positiveness or optimism. It is so incredibly helpful to trust in your strength, to believe, to know you can manage whatever needs to  be managed. That you can change things even if you are changed.

I am really looking forward to meeting you personally and to accompanying you into your personal positive, optimistical and relaxed future.

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