How to get in contact with me

For a first contact please write me a short e-mail or WhatsApp and let me know when is the best time for a short telephone conversation. Please let me also know how (telephone number) I can get in contact with you. During this conversation we will get a first impression who we are and what the topic is and decide whether we want to work together on your individual topic. If you prefer we also can have this conversation via e-mail, however, I recommend a personal conversation. This first conversation of course is of no cost for you.

You can reach me either via e-mail, via WhatsApp or by telephone:

immerheiterweiter@yahoo.com0160 9664 2801

My premises are situated in Hoesbach (zip code 63768) next to Aschaffenburg, but also in Rothenbuch (zip code 63860) that is situated in the Spessart forest between Aschaffenburg and Lohr am Main (by clicking on the city names you are passed to Google Maps):

63768 Hösbach63860 Rothenbuch