About me and the way I work …

The wording „immer heiter weiter“ (which means something like „always think pink“ or „always aim to continue in a happy way“) describes in an excellent manner my optimistic and positive attitude. Therefore it was absolutely clear to me that this also will be the name of my counselling and coaching institute. Being happy and optimistic is an important aspect in my life and also strongly influences the way I work. My heart’s desire is that you also benefit from this positive attitude. Believe me: It’s always worth to consider to continue optimistic or even happy.

Following please find some facts about me: I am almost fifty years old, got divorced, have a child and had to look unintenionally for new jobs. Summarised: I experienced several situations not knowing how to decide and I often enough came to wrong decisions – as most of us.

My main job is in the banking sector and I used to work in the Human Resources department most of my business life. During this time I realised that I wish to support and assist people in their individual situations and challenges also in their civil lifes.

I started (and finalised) …

… the training as a Systemic Coach with NLP approach (@mindmarketing institut in Partenstein)

… qualification as a Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie (@Heilpraktiker-Schule Papadopoulos-Schmitt in Elsenfeld)

… training as an approved Psychological Counsellor (@change active – Akademie in Gelnhausen)

… qualification as a coach for body centered therapy (@Paracelsus in Karlsruhe).

As many of you I experienced challenging and often enough also difficult situations: Divorce, loss of my most favourite job, loss of beloved people – to mention only some change situations that are part of our lifes. I experienced feelings and thoughts and how they changed while time went by. And the more change situations I managed, the more experiences I made, the better I understood what happens in our mind during such situations – and learned what will happen. The change situations still occured, however, I knew why I reacted as I did and was earlier able to continue my life.

During our coaching or counselling you may benefit from my experiences and my knowledge about change processes. I am your center of competence when change situations are concerned – for further details please click here.

In our counselling sessions are based Carl E. Rogers‘ client-centered therapy using also elements of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). I am living a systemic approach, therefore I also consider what is happening in your direct environment (family, job, housing). This also includes signs your body is „sending“.

Together we have a closer look on your current situation and are creating a solution that helps you to continue your live in a healthy way.

This is SAM (in German „Steh-Auf-Männchen“, in English „Stand-Up-Man“). SAM supports us while working on your individual change situation.

We can either meet in Hösbach (near Aschaffenburg) or in Rothenbuch (between Aschaffenburg and Lohr). In both locations you will find protected premises for your personal topics.

As Rothenbuch is in the middle of the Spessart forest, it is perfect for working on your individual topics while walking (GOaching). Nature helps us to find good solutions in a different way. Please click here for further information.

And of course – due to the current situation: We can also work together online using Zoom or Skype.

We first have a telephone call when I offer you to describe your situation and topic. During this call you have the opportunity to learn a bit more about me. This call is of course of no cost for you. When we meet for a counselling session I charge Euro 70 per hour (which is approximately 60 minutes). I kindly ask you to pay the bill directly after our session in cash. When we meet online I will ask you to pay the bill in advance (for example via PayPal). Should you not be able to come to our session, I urgently ask you to inform me early in advance (= at least 24 hours prior to our scheduled meeting). If you will inform me later than this I reserve the right to charge you for the full fee (and ask for your kind understanding for this regulation).